Defense of Collection


In this struggling economy, consumer debt can easily get out of hand.  To make matters worse, creditors add to the stress by initiating collection action and filing law suits.  This leads to constant phone calls, mailers and other forms of contact by aggressive creditors/banks.


Debtors can retain counsel in collection matters.  As soon as creditors are made aware of the legal representation, all phone calls, mailers and other contact must cease immediately.  This allows you to step back and reassess your options while an experienced attorney handles all of your collection matters. More importantly, this allows you peace of mind and stops harassing phone calls.


Most debtors are unaware of the options available to them, and have a hard time assessing the options due to the high number of collection calls.  At the Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien you will have the opportunity to meet with an attorney and discuss potential resolutions to all your debt problems, ranging from defense, to negotiation or possible bankruptcy filing. Contact attorney Stanislaw (Stanley) Skupien today, and stop the collection calls now.


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