In this struggling economy, many families are losing their homes to the banks/mortgagees.  At the Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien, we can help you analyze and determine whether you can save your home, determine whether the banks have issued you illegal loans, and perhaps most importantly prevent deficiency judgments or income tax issues arising out of forgiven/cancelled debt. 


Most people are under the common misconception that the worst is over once the bank takes possession of the home in a foreclosure.  In fact, banks have the ability to seek additional money from homeowners even after the home has been seized and sold.  Alternatively, banks can write off deficiencies as cancelled debt and that amount will be considered income for the debtor for that income tax year. At the Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien, we help prevent deficiency judgments through settlement, short sales, or federal bankruptcy.  Attorney Stanislaw J. Skupien has represented hundreds of families in mortgage foreclosure matters.  If the bank has initiated a foreclosure action against your property or you are concerned that the bank is about to file this type of action, contact attorney Stanislaw (Stanley) Skupien today regarding possible options available to you.


Big banks often think the rules don’t apply to them.  At the same time, homeowners have procedural rights that must be observed and often are not.  Many times procedural restrictions are foregone and unnoticed, until the homeowner or his/her attorney objects to them in court.  Our office ensures that all foreclosure actions comply with due process rights provided under Illinois Foreclosure Law, the Supreme Court Rules, as well as the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure.


In seeking a foreclosure defense attorney, please be advised that no one except the bank can promise you anything, including loan modifications; ONLY THE BANK can give you a modification.  If you are trying to save your home, it is important to keep a log containing dates and notes for anytime someone calls you to talk about your loan, or anytime you call someone to talk about your loan.


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