Personal Injury and Workers Compensation


When dealing with serious personal injury claims, insurance companies use all their resources to ensure as low of a payout as possible. Often, victims feel that a settlement offer is fair and accept before allowing an attorney to review their legal rights. When it comes to settling personal injury or worker’s compensation claims, talk to an attorney and thoroughly consider all factors such as, how much of your settlement will go to medical bills, how much time off work will you have to take to fully recover from your injury, is full recovery a guarantee? At the Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien we will provide you with an experienced attorney to discuss all your options. The insurance companies are putting forth their strongest foot and you have a right to do so, too.


Moreover, in virtually all personal injury or workers compensation matters that we handle, we will not charge you fees for our legal services until we recover on your behalf. We understand that injured parties are often forced to live paycheck to paycheck, and we believe that you do not need additional financial burdens imposed upon them to recover from the at-fault party. Our fee arrangement ensures that you will have the representation you deserve without having to worry about another bill.


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