Real Estate


While buying or selling a home is generally an exciting step in your life, it can be a stressful decision.  There are many intricate nuances to making sure that the transaction is in your best interest.  Most standard form real estate contracts provide for five days to review the contract and its provisions.  At the Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien we quickly respond to new contracts to ensure that our clients best interests are protected.  Real estate transactions also require title examination to ensure that the subject property is free of any levies, ensuring that the transaction complies with local ordinance requirements, and clearing any potential liens prior to the closing.  At the Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien we protect your investment and ensure a smooth transaction.


Our office will timely negotiate changes to your contract as well as conduct all necessary investigations and prepare all documents required for your closing.  Attorney Stanislaw (Stanley) Skupien will take time to explain all issues that need to be resolved, and to ensure that you always understand the status of your transaction and your options.


Tell your agent or broker that you wish to be represented by Stanislaw (Stanley) Skupien, or contact me directly to assist you with your real estate transaction.


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